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Everyone welcome! Others probably consider you to be very capable, and you are. But have you ever felt that you could do even more, be more? Our group believes that you can. Find out what’s stopping you from achieving everything you want. We’ll talk about practical tools you can use to reach your full potential—your goals and dreams.

Some of the topics we cover in our Meetups include:

· Happiness – overcoming barriers toward your goals

· How painful experiences of the past effect your abilities

· Understanding yourself and others

· Increase your self-confidence and be happy

· Creating meaningful and happy relationships

Speakers at our Meetups are professionals with many years of experience helping others achieve their goals.

The Organizer of this group was a successful marketing and PR professional having helped many people gain better understanding of themselves and is a volunteer consultant for the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center for NY and NJ.

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Improve Communication Skills to Improve Confidence

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Everyone knows how to communicate, but could you be more effective? Communication is a vital skill that is needed to succeed in your career and your personal life. How well you communicate has a direct relation to how confident you are. There is a precise formula for communication that when used can get the results you want.

Because of the pandemic, many of our meetings are virtual. While some of the skills are the same as live communications, virtual require some additional skills. With practice, you can improve your communications, whether it’s to one or to many in a presentation.

It’s like a chicken and egg situation: be more confident before you can improve your speaking skills or improve your speaking skills and be more confident?

At this Meetup, you will learn
· How to communicate more effectively
· How to improve your camera presence
· Tips to handle self-consciousness

There is no charge to attend this Meetup.

The speaker at this Meetup, Sally Baggett, has worked in high tech marketing for 30 years. She currently works with corporations coaching their employees on communications and virtual presentation skills. She has more than 30 years of experience helping people overcome their barriers to happiness and gain more confidence.

The Organizers of this group and the speaker are volunteer consultants for the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center for NY and NJ.

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Understand Yourself and Be Happier with Self-Analysis

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