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There are two basic choices in life - love and fear. Fear causes harm, separation, isolation, limit, doubt and scarcity. Love uplifts, encourages, heals, creates connections, a sense of belonging, new possibilities and greater potentials. In this group we look at how to release the fears that bind us and bring more love to ourselves and our lives.

Are you living consciously and making choices from your heart?

Or do you feel stuck in a rut or running on autopilot through life’s routines?

Do you ever get the sense that there must be more to life than this?

Would you like to create a life of authenticity, inner peace, connection, hope, purpose and achieving your true potential?

We offer small classes which provide a space to “press the pause button” on your usual routines and receive some nurturing support to explore how you can be your best self, improving your journey through life and also making a difference in the world in your own unique way.

We cover many topics including energetic self care (at physical, emotional, mental and soul levels), building healthy self esteem, healing “inner child” issues, living in gratitude, manifesting abundance, time management, creative visualization and more.

We have group discussions and guided meditations, as well as resources and simple exercises which you can take away and work with to create a life you’ll love!

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Energetic Protection & Boundaries of Love

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Have you ever noticed that some people, situations, activities or environments can leave you feeling drained or depressed whilst others can uplift and motivate you? It's all to do with how we interact with life and what energy we choose to let into our system.

Join me for this week's session to learn more about this topic, including healthy boundaries and some simple approaches to protect your energy field from negativity so you can have a more peaceful and joyful journey through life.

Message me to find out more or to book your place and receive access details.

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Energetic Protection & Boundaries of Love

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