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What we’re about

Meet like-minded people, get elite-level training that you cannot get anywhere else, and become the person you were meant to be.

We're about developing ourselves into our BEST - including wealth, health, and relationships - and having a LOT OF FUN doing it!

Come join us for interactive workshops, community building games, deep conversations, networking events, and more.

Looking forward to meeting you in person!


Self-Perfected started as an online community that supports people to become aware of their limiting beliefs and unconscious programming. Once aware of the problem, practical solutions are provided for us to be able to take self responsibility and change ourselves on the deepest levels.

Community members are transforming their lives and manifesting change in all areas of life from relationships, parenting and family to business, success and money, all through confidence, self esteem, communication skills and much more...

Local, in-person club-houses are being started nation wide by active members that want to create local communities of like minded people that can meet, discuss and support each other to grow and create the lives of their dreams.

Join us as we create such a community in the East Bay.

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