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The anxiety clinic workshop | Living without anxiety

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Virginia Park (North East Corner)

2200 Virginia Ave · Santa Monica, CA

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The Annex Room - 2200 Virginia Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90404

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Do you feel anxious? Anxiety reduces your confidence and your ability to be successful and happy?

You are not alone! Anxiety is considered 'normal' in our society, according to the ADAA (Anxiety Disorders Association of America) the majority of the U.S. population experience anxiety disorder. Anxiety is the number one cause of stress, feeling overwhelmed, confusion, fatigue, poor-performance, anger, procrastination, alcohol and drug abuse, and depression.

After over 25 years of clinical research and thousands of resolved cases, I can confirm that:

- Anxiety is 'normal' ONLY in rear and extreme situations.

- We are NOT meant to be anxious.

- Anxiety is NOT an illness, and can be reduced or cleared in a very short time.

You can read more about anxiety here (

In this workshop, we will use your personal cases to explore the true about anxiety and how we can reduce or clear emotional struggles from your lives. I will work with you to identify the root-causes of your anxiety - we will revise your story and develop a strategy to improve your quality of life.

I can only work with a handful of your cases, so if you like to be one of the candidate please email me at [masked] with your name, gender, age, symptoms and a brief description of your overall life's situation.

This is a technical and educational workshop aiming at giving clarity and tools to people who want to embrace their own powers, clearing permanently unwanted emotional struggles, and achieving high-efficiency in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

I'm looking forward meeting you the 27th.


Host: Luca Bosurgi.

Date: 27th September 2017 | 6:15 - 7:15 PM

Address: 2200 Virginia Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90404

Cost: Free (RSVP required -limited seats)

You can RSVP here (

If you have any questions you can email Luca Bosurgi at [masked] or text[masked]

About the host

Author, visionary, and inspirational speaker, Luca Bosurgi, DHyp, MBSCH, is the creator of Mind Fitness™ and founder and CEO of the Mind Fitness Lab Corp. Luca is a highly-experienced mind researcher and healer, an insightful life coach, a master hypnotist, and a spiritual counselor. He has had formal training and clinical experience in psychology, metaphysics, life coaching, spiritual counseling, and hypnotherapy for over three decades. He has spent a clinical career mapping the modern mind and perfecting techniques to increase cognitive performance and resolve maladaptive thoughts and behaviors. Mind Fitness™ provides answers that enrich the fields of mental health and performance, AI and Machine Learning just to name a few. Currently, the Mind Fitness™ VR (the Virtual Reality version of the method) is licensed and packaged as a VR experience through the company Mind Fitness Lab – recognized on the 2016 TransTech 200 list of key technologies driving mental and emotional well-being forward. Luca has been recently invited to introduce his groundbreaking theories about the mind and anxiety with the Tech Talk – ‘Reaching Peak Mind Performance’ @ Google Global Head Office Venice, CA.

For more on Luca Bosurgi and Mind Fitness™ please visit (