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Self -Determination

How would it be like to know that you always have a choice and your experience of life depends on how you choose to perceive it? That each moment you can start anew, no matter who you are or what is going on?

We always have a choice. There is always hope. There is always another way. There are always endless possibilities available to us if we only choose to open up to them. We have unlimited potential. And it is our CHOICE to look at life in this way – optimistically, glass half full, I choose to move forward, I can do it, if something occurs in my life it means I have got what it takes to deal with it otherwise it wouldn’t have occurred. Or we can CHOOSE the opposite. It’s all about perception. It’s not what happens, it’s what we CHOOSE to make of it, it’s how responsible we are. We don’t have to react to everything - we are all response-able! So let’s start creating real, authentic, empowered lives. Lets drop our stories – as that’s all they are – stories, everyone has a handful of those. Lets stop looking back, to who we were. Five minutes ago is ancient history. Each moment is a new beginning. We can simply drop, right now, all what doesn’t work anymore and start anew. Does empowered way of life sound good to you? How would it feel like to be able to choose our responses? How would be like to change the way we look at life and choose to see all gifts life has to offer? How would it be like to be a seeker of presents hidden in each present moment? A hunter of life’s treasures?

"Everything you experience is a direct result of your own perception. No matter what may be said to you or "done to you" - your experience is still based on your interpretation of what is occurring. Therefore, clearly the most important relationship you have is with yourself. It is absolutely pointless then to want anyone else to make anything right for you. It is not up to anyone else. Your experience of life is entirely up to you. No matter what you may see, hear or meet, your experience will always be determined by your own interpretation. This makes the cause of self mastery even more significant. If you are your own master you will have the most wonderful experience with all of life." /Michael King/

Would you like to have “the most wonderful experience with all of life”? If the answer is YES, this meetup might be just the right match for you.

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