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What we’re about

Welcome to Self-made Scholars! This is more than a book club for serious readers. Together we will embark on a self-education journey in which we aim to read and discuss the greatest books ever written, even those that seem too daunting. We meet and discuss like a book club, but with the ultimate goal of gaining a classical education along the way. To achieve this, we are currently working through the Encyclopedia Britannica's 'Great Books of the Western World' collection. Here is a link listing the books included in the collection:

Although our goals are ambitious, this is not a pretentious group. There is no education prerequisite to join. The only requirements to join are a love of reading, thirst for knowledge, and commitment to being active in the group. Members are encouraged to suggest books, resources, and other intellectual pursuits that will further the group's goals. *Since this is not a social group and we aim to keep our discussions manageable and focused, membership will be limited to a somewhat small number.