Semantic Technologies In Financial Services (STIFS)


Stardog Unleashed - Mike Grove from Clark & Parsia

Stardog Unleashed will provide some background on the motivation for building Stardog, as well as a short review of its history and unique feature set We will also provide an overview and demo of Stardog Web; a Javascript framework for building web applications backed by semantic technologies.

Michael Grove is the Chief Software Architect at Clark & Parsia, where he also serves as the lead developer of Stardog, the leader in RDF databases featuring fast query performance and unmatched OWL & SWRL support.
A graduate in Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park, Michael first got started with semantic technologies in 2002 as a research assistant under Dr. Jim Hendler at the University of Maryland with the MINDSWAP group. Before joining the team at Clark & Parsia, he worked at Fujitsu Research Labs as the lead developer for the Task Computing project, an effort bring the semantic web to pervasive computing environments.
Michael is also active in open source where he is a contributor to Pellet the leading OWL DL reasoner and maintains Empire, an implementation of JPA backed by semantic technologies. Additionally, he is contributor to the Sesame project and active on the Jena development list.

short presentation

Applying the Date-Time Vocabulary in FIBO

Mark Linehan will describe expected uses of the OMG's (Object Management Group) Date-Time Vocabulary in FIBO, the OMG/EDMC Financial Industry Business Ontology.Bio: Mark Linehan recently retired from the IBM TJ Watson Research Center, where he was a Senior Technical Staff Member. While there, he chaired the Date-Time Vocabulary standard, which is implemented in SBVR (Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules), UML (Unified Modeling Language) with OCL (Object Constraint Language), and Common Logic. He recently implemented an automated conversion of the SBVR vocabulary to OWL. He will discuss the challenging temporal requirements of FIBO, and how they will be addressed by the Date-Time Vocabulary.

session notes:

We have scheduled this session around Semantic Technologies in Financial Services for May 2014. If you would like to participate and present at this meetup please let us know. A few (non -exhaustive) Semantic Web related topics we would like to explore and learn more about at this event are

* Semantic Web compliant counterparty credit risk modeling and monitoring
* Linked Data Applications and Data Fusion
* Real-Time Event processing
* Large Scale Reasoning
* OWL 2 Reasoning
* Collaborative Ontology and Data Creation
* Social Media Monitoring and Conversation Tracking
* Legal Aspects To Consider For Data Aggregation, Reuse and Publishing
* Using RDF/OWL with R (or other stat environments)
* Semantic Standards and Classification Systems In Financial Services
* Semantic Technologies in P2P and Online Lending
* productivity and performance tools
* RDF1.1