Meetup with Endeca at Daylife

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Daniel Tunkelang and Kenneth Ellis invite you to join them at Daylife.

Kenneth Ellis Chief Scientist at Daylife

Ken will addrees the Exploitation and Adoption of the Semantic Web Among Online News Providers. Daylife provides a rich news API used by several major outlets to enhance or supplement their own content. We will discuss some of the ways Daylife exploits semantic information provided by partners and open sources to help with topic extraction and image tagging, and some of the obstacles we have encountered. We will also survey other instances of exploitation by partners, news organizations, and competitors. Further enabling or adoption of semantic web standards by news outlets or services is less common, but we will discuss and provide some industry perspective on the more prominent examples.

Daniel Tunkelang Chief Scientist at Endeca

Endeca is a leading provider of enterprise information access. While Endeca is not a “semantic web” company (we’re more of an XML / XQuery shop), we share Tim Berners-Lee’s dream of exposing the semantic content of data to reduce the tedious and brittles processes that people use today in order to meet their information needs, whether on the web or in the enterprise. Our emphasis is on exploratory search, as contrasted with the “10 blue links” approach that characterizes conventional search engines. Come join us for a tour of how we are enabling a conversation between humans and data through content enrichment and set-oriented retrieval and analysis.

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