Semantic Web Meetup with NYPL, NYU, Library of Congress & Knoodl

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Semantic Web related activities at the Digital Experience Group of the New York Public Library
Mark A. Matienzo
Applications Developer in the Digital Experience Group of the New York Public Library

Linking Library Data - Standards and Vocabularies evolving to fit the web
Corey Harper
Metadata Services Librarian at New York University

Library data has spent the first decades of the Web trapped in silos, partly due to the use of outdated and esoteric standards for data storage and transmission. The vast stores of quality bibliographic data and other library metadata cordoned off in library specific systems present a compelling resource to enrich the emerging web of data coming out of the SemWeb and LOD communities. This data, along with myriad controlled vocabularies, thesauri and classification schemes developed by libraries over the years, has the potential to join DBPedia as the hub of the Linked Data Cloud. The presentation will discuss various experiments and standards development efforts in the library community toward realizing this goal.

Semantic Web activities at the Library of Congress & Library of Congress Subject Headings available in SKOS
Ed Summers, Library of Congress
Ed Summers is currently working at the Library of Congress, on a team that is examining what digital repositories mean for the enterprise, and implementing practical solutions.

LCSH, SKOS and Linked Data & more

Updates on SeMuSe the future of Semantic Museum Data
Marco Neumann, KONA
SeMuSe is an open and collaborative community based project to work on a Semantic Museum vision, and provides a forum for discussion about the future of applied cultural and natural heritage data management. The goal of SeMuSe is to help organizations and practitioners to introduce Semantic Technologies and concepts to cultural and natural heritage data management efforts and to capitalize on the results of more than a decade of Semantic Technology research. Emerging technology standards like RDF, RDFS and OWL and domain specific vocabularies such as museumdat and the CIDOC CRM ontology specification are a marriage made in Semantic Technology heaven, allowing to lead semantic cultural and natural heritage data management to its full potential - SeMuSe.
Mike Lang, Lead Ontologist and Product Manager, Revelytix

Knoodl supplies the market with a web-based, semantic information management platform. It fully embraces many web 2.0/3.0 concepts such as semantics, collaboration, distributed data, distributed people, and cloud computing. Currently, Knoodl facilitates community-oriented development of OWL based ontologies and RDF knowledgebases and offers a JAVA service-based interface or a SPARQL-based interface so that communities can build their own semantic applications using their ontologies and knowledgebases. The presentation will describe the full vision behind the creation of Knoodl, Knoodl's current state, and the road map for Knoodl's future development. (

https://www.revelytix.... (

Mike Lang Jr. has 2 years of experience working for a semantic technology company (Revelytix) where he is Lead Ontologist and Product Manager. He is a semantic technology expert and has a deep understanding of web-based software architecture. Mike graduated from the University of Maryland - College Park with a BS in Mathematics. He is the son of the founder of Revelytix, Mike Lang Sr.