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- Special promotional discounts are often offered only to groups of usually 10 or more. (sometimes the requirement is 8, 12 or 16 - depends on the trip)
- The company allows me to pay a group deposit and put a "hold" on 10 seats at a time. Once those 10 seats are claimed by registered passengers and payment of the $250 deposit, then I can get 10 more seats (pending availability). Final payment is not due until about 90 days prior to departure. Non-group travelers get to pay 100% up front!
- Most tours (if minimum group quantities are achieved) award a free trip or half-trip calculated on the base cost - less any and all discounts. I share the value of that free trip equally with all that travel with me. If it's one free trip for 10 passengers, and if exactly 10 traveled, that would be another 10% off your invoice.
- There's also a commission - calculated on the base price of the trip after all discounts and free trip values have been deducted.
- If you're looking for a room-mate to avoid the single-supplement fees, there is apt to be others in our group who are also looking for a roommate. Meet them casually, get to know them here in town before we travel, and then sign up to travel together. And yes - you can always name your own guests, even if they are not members of the Meetup Group -
- Flights can be arranged through the tour company - usually for less than private purchase due to their volume of business with the airlines. Or you can arrange for your own flights and/or pay with frequent flyer miles.
- When we arrive at our trip departure point many of us "know" each other. We may, but are not obligated to, complete the trip "joined at the hip". We will be a part of a 40 person fully-guided land trip by coach or part of about 120 person river-cruise.

As I've said before - I am not a travel agent, but instead what the industry refers to as a group-leader. I am not employed by the tour company. They give me the group leader perks of free trips and a commission because they're only having to communicate with me instead of individually with everyone in the group and they rely on me to do all of the paperwork and communicating with those traveling with us. But I equally share those leader perks and pay the same as everyone else. That way I get to be able to travel and reap the benefits of group deals too.

Welcome to married or single seniors (60+) who love to travel with a group of 10 or more (big savings) I've been hosting group travel for more than 11 years and can tell you that traveling with friends greatly enhances the experience. We'll host periodic Meet & Greets so that we get to know each other and share our bucket lists for domestic and international travel. Since single-supplement fees drastically increase the cost of a trip, this will also be a good way to meet potential travel roommates if desired.

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