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If you like HOT LATIN DANCE, salsa, bachata, merengue, you need to join us, we have classes, events, we are a community of latin dancers (spanish or whatever heritage you belong to). we will party it up, dance till dawn and be part of your life as family <3

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Bachata Ladies Style

500 8th Ave. - Pearl Studios

You know how to follow a lead on the dance floor, but not always know what to do with your arms, your hips, how to finish a wave....do you question this???? Do you wonder what to do when your partners let you go to do shines? You can never figure out how the great dancers look so smooth doing the exact same steps you are doing? Improve your posture and your lines; Learn how to use those beautiful arms and feet of yours to look better on and off the dance floor, with or without a partner, and most importantly increase your confidence and gestures that would be noticeable on the dance floor. In this short 1 hours weekly class, we will explore: * the correct posture that gives you an instant makeover; * body isolation and technique to make your movements more smooth; * the proper use of your body to elevate your dance styles (with or without a partner); * changing the attitude that would truly make you shine, be more elegant, more confident and posed! No experience required. I look forward to building a sexier new you! :) Cost: $20 per 1 class $60 per 4 classes and $100 for 3 months first time students

Let's Learn Sensual Bachata (Int Lev)

500 8th Ave. - Pearl Studios

Sensual Bachata is the new dance in vogue, it helps you boost your self confidence, connect with other people who like dancing, helps with your help, and makes you happy, do not hesitate, just join us, a team of great people, friendly and funny! Every wednesday at Bachata Embassy. PRICE FOR THIS GROUP ****ONLY $100 X 3 MONTHS unlimited classes . 1 payment (mondays beginners, fridays advance and saturday open level, for ladies wednedasy also lady sytle) INFO[masked]

Bailemos Sensual Bachata / Adv Lev

500 8th Ave. - Pearl Studios

Prepare yourself with the cleanest Sensual Bachata created by Luis and Andrea Let's learn their technique, every Friday 7.30pm Advance Class Advance Patterns and Moves. Drops in welcome. This class is amazing to meet new people and bond with new pals, we are super friendly and after class, we either go dancing or we go having dinner or a cup of coffee, so we get to know each other!!! come, come! you will be happy to meet new hot dancers ;) 1 CLASS $20 PACKAGE OF 4 CLASSES $60 PACKAGE FOR 3 MONTHS UNLIMITED CLASSES (SALSA AND BACHATA) $100 Spread the voice!


500 8th Ave. - Pearl Studios

Modern Sensual Bachata OPEN level, let's get into it more sensuality with waves and sensual figures. Class can be attended by beginners but you know to know the basics and intermediate level are ok. we know how to explain and make you move to the rhythm of Bachata!!!! Please wear socks or dancing shoes, comfortable clothes, better no jeans (jeggins are fine), do not worry about coming from work, or getting late, we accept you, do not worry about being tired, we will raise your ENERGY to high levels! this class is for everyone, fun and energetic instructors, ready to make you enjoy and love bachata! Bring water, stay hydrated and snacks, and be free to invite everyone who is willing to lear a new, refreshing bachata to go dancing socially everywhere in the world, no problem understandind the leading, or following :) CLASS PRICE IS 20$ couples $30 package of 4 classes $60 MONTHY PRICES AVAILABLE

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Fundamentals and Footwork Sensual Bachata

500 8th Ave. - Pearl Studios

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