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The SEO Denver group is dedicated to those who want to learn more about search engine optimization. We're business owners and entrepreneurs. We all come from different backgrounds and we've all had success in advertising and marketing. The one thing that eludes us may just be the skills and know how to run an effective Search Engine Optimization campaign, which has the potential to drive revenues for our successful businesses.

Maybe you're not completely sure exactly what search engine optimization is. Maybe you think that it's black magic or maybe you just haven't been given the straight forward answers you need to make informed decisions for your business. Maybe you just want more information on SEO Strategy. We will give you what you need to help you make more informed decisions and grow your online business.

This meetup will provide you with all of the tools and knowledge you will ever need to run an amazingly dominant SEO campaign. This is the real deal. No fluff, just facts about Denver SEO from past experience. Come meet up with like minded successful individuals and meet one of the most successful search engine optimization experts in the industry while you're at it. Welcome to the SEO Denver Meetup Group.

Common Search Engine Optimization Topics for Discussion:

• Keyword Research

• On-page SEO

• SEO Audits

• Off-page SEO

• Link Building

• Content Marketing

• Blogging for SEO

While these topics will be covered a lot in our discussions please don't let that stop you from discussing what matters most to you in organic search. If it's Google analytics then ask away and any closely related topics as far as that goes. Search often transverses many other areas of marketing. This is not meant to be a full list rather a frequent topic list that covers the topics that typically have the most questions asked about search engine optimization.


Need SEO Denver (https://thesearchengineoptimizationexpert.com/denver-seo/)? This city is on the move and we want to bring talent and knowledge to Denver Colorado. I've been working with established businesses across the country for more than a decade. I'm an organic search consultant that happily shares strategy and experience with those looking to learn more about the business.

I've been in the SEO industry for more than a decade and during that time I've helped a lot of people reach the front page of the SERPS for some of the most competitive keywords in the most competitive markets across the country. This is not meant as a description of my capabilities so that you know what you're getting when you join the Meetup group. I ask that you please fill out your profile so that I can learn more about you and where you're at in your journey to success.

Some of my favorite topics:

• Branding

• SEO Audits

• Off-page SEO

Some of my favorite SEO tools:

• Ahrefs - https://ahrefs.com/

• HitTail - https://www.hittail.com/

• Google Search Console - https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home

• Google Page Speed Insights - https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

• Google Mobile Friendly Checker - https://search.google.com/search-console/mobile-friendly

Sharing this information empowers you to learn more about SEO before you attend your first meeting, if you're not already in the know. If you're already an expert then come and join us. I always enjoy discussing strategy with professionals in the industry just please don't come to the Meetup to try and pitch people or take over the meeting. This is a no-pitch zone.

Sharing your valuable information is highly encouraged but please don't share unless you've tested it first across dozens of websites or at least in a controlled environment. My goal is to make this group as productive as possible but also to eliminate what I call Denver SEO garbage. If your "hot Denver SEO tip" happens to be garbage or something you read on Moz and shouldn't be shared with the group overall then I will gladly let you know. If you're wondering if it's any good then run it by me first to avoid distributing misinformation. It's a huge problem in this industry and it stops at this group.

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