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For SEOnerds passionate about SEO
SEOnerdSwitzerland is a free community open to all SEOs in Switzerland, but also across the globe, who want to hang out with other like-minded nerds, and make friends, learn and develop existing and new SEO skills.

Who is SEOnerdSwitzerland for?
Current SEOs, wannabee  SEOs, new SEOs, experienced SEOs, CEOs, Digital marketers or anyone who is enthusiastic about SEO (and talking about it).

Do I have to know SEO to join?
No not at all, SEOnerdSwitzerland offers different events, with different topics and levels of knowledge. If you’re not sure if the event is for you, ask Isaline or Sara. This group will help you to give you confidence about what you already know about SEO and what skills and knowledge you need to grow in the SEO industry.

What's the purpose of the group?
SEOnerdSwitzerland is a non profit organisation that oganizes meetup online and occasionally in-person where we talk about everything SEO. We share methods, tools, workshops and articles dedicated to SEO.

How come the events are free?
SEOnerdSwitzerland is a non profit organisation run by Isaline organised by Sara Moccand-Sayegh and Isaline Muelhauser (their work is not paid). Fees (softwares, transcription, apéros, location etc.) are covered thanks to our sponsors. If you want to help us get sponsors, share, like, tweet, etc. Visibility is a must.

Who runs this event?
This event is run by Sara Moccand-Sayegh and Isaline Muelhauser, two people who are so enthusiastic about SEO that they created a community of other SEOnerds so they could talk about SEO and make friends.
Sara is an SEO specialist at Liip. She is responsible for SEO for the whole of Switzerland. The secret of her success, in addition to technical skills, is working in close collaboration with designers, developers & content experts. 
Isaline is an SEO consultant and owner of her boutique SEO agency. She specialises in multilingual SEO and Romandie localisation. You can contact her in either FR, DE or EN. She is well-known for her no-nonsense approach and her ruthless prioritisation. This is not a business-threat? Then, it’s a nice-to-have.

SEOnerdSwitzerland Code of Conduct

1) Be kind and supportive
We want to create a community that is friendly, welcoming for all and supportive. That means treating everyone with the respect and kindness they deserve.

2) Zero tolerance of bullying
We don't want any bullying, intimidation or hate speech. That includes comments related to race, religion, culture, sexual orientation or identity.

3) Don’t force-feed a sales pitch 
Whilst we want you to share how great you are at SEO and we understand that it’s important to sell your service if you are a consultant, remember that our in-person events are meant to share and support. Share contact numbers and keep the promotional speeches for another time and place.

4) Don't start questions with "this is stupid, but..."
This community is to help each other and no questions are ever stupid. We want to create a safe space where people can ask any question they want. Asking questions is a good thing!

5) Be judgement free
Be open-minded. Let’s not judge others based on the questions they ask. That includes also the level of language that they use: it is okay to not speak a perfect German, English or French. Many people speak more than one language: be tolerant of accents and languages.

Reporting rule breakers
If you have any issues or concerns, please notify

Speakers Packages
Who gets to be a speaker at SEOnerdSwitzerland? We open a speaker’s pitch in fall to plan the next year. Sara and Isaline review the pitches and choose independently the speakers to offer a balanced program. We encourage first-time speakers. Ask us if you need help.

Here is what SEOnerdSwizerland offers to their speakers:

  1. Support and feedback on draft-deck
  2. Support and coaching on a dry run (we listen to you doing your talk)
  3. For in-person events: train travel and 1 night post-conference accommodation
  4. Post-conference speaker testimonial by one of the event organiser
  5. A safe, friendly and supportive audience to speak in front of

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