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There are loads of different innovation games and gamestorming techniques but too few opportunities to evaluate their effectiveness outside of the context of a "live" project.

This regular meet up will provide the chance for participants to nominate a game e.g "Product in a box" and try the game out as a group in response to a specific design challenge or problem statement.

Folks who want to practice their facilitation skills can also nominate themselves for this role if they would like to practice running the activity. Similar to a bookclub format, we would discuss the games afterwards and showcase examples any examples anyone has from using games on their own projects.

Some further thought about how the format might work:

Prototyping new games with a receptive audience
Multiple games per meet up - opening, exploring and closing
Single or multiple groups depending on levels of interest and games chosen

Please let me know if you have any other ideas or suggestions for how this might work. Thanks, Stuart

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Let's meet up and play some more games

ThoughtWorks UK Office

Let's meet up and play some games

ThoughtWorks UK Office

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