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Diving into AWS AppSync

Online event

In this talk, we will dive into AWS AppSync a fully managed GraphQL solution provided by AWS. Which allows you to hook into "resolvers" such as AWS DynamoDB a NoSQL database or AWS Lambda a cloud function that can handle complex business logic.

1. Reduce complexity w/ AWS AppSync
2. How AppSync hooks into AWS resources
3. Deploying AppSync w/Serverless Framework Components

Our speaker for this webinar will be Ryan Jones, Founder & CEO of Serverless Guru. His day-to-day is managing an international team of consultants spanning 10+ countries and thinking about ways to create new avenues for Serverless Guru to grow. Outside of work he's learning Spanish, planning to get his skydiving license, and enjoys playing poker.

Find him on Twitter @ryanjonesirl

About Serverless Guru:
Serverless Guru helps companies innovate faster, reduce operational overhead, and streamline application development by leveraging serverless technologies.

Serverless Guru offers training, consulting, and development to cover the full spectrum of your serverless needs. Serverless is complex, but not making the move can have a dramatic long-term impact on your business as your competitors WILL move to serverless and start building competitive advantages based on serverless technologies.

Instead of investing, tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to re-inventing the wheel internally, you can leverage our team of serverless experts that will help you understand serverless, understand where/when to implement it, and what the drawbacks are depending on your specific use case.

By leveraging Serverless Guru, companies not only skip over the complexity and lay a strong foundation with serverless, but realize its benefits straight away.

If you would like to work with Serverless Guru, you can reach them at [masked] or by visiting their website at https://serverlessguru.com

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Building a Scalable and Cost-Effective Image Server

Online event

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