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What we’re about

Welcome to the Rising Spirals Reiki Events.
This group will hold a Reiki share on the 3rd Saturday of each month, and also Reiki classes, special meditations and other events. 
This group is open to adults, 18 years and up, who are interested in learning about and practicing Reiki and energy work. Please note that if you ask to join this Meetup and do not provide your FULL name, not just a nickname or screen name, I will not be able to add you.
COVID Rules: As long as the pandemic lasts, we will wear masks, beam Reiki rather than using hands-on, and limit Reiki shares to 2 or 3 people, at most. During surges and other more dangerous times, I will cancel the monthly Reiki share group and move the class dates out. 
All who come to in-person classes must be fully vaccinated against COVID and wear a mask unless eating.
Group Rules: 
1. No drugs, alcohol, smoking of any substance  or weapons of any kind are allowed for any Reiki share or class.
2. We do not discuss religion, politics or other controversial subjects.
3. This is an energetic, NON-religious group. As such, we do not discuss religious topics or speak as if religious myths are indeed facts. 
About Rising Spirals Reiki

This group is dedicated to spreading peace and healing throughout the community and throughout the world.
I am a Usui Reiki Master Teacher with a Masters in Counseling and a Master level certificate in Spiritual Direction. I am also a Certified Acutonics Practitioner, meaning I add the frequencies of the planets via tuning forks to my Reiki sessions. I enjoy meeting with local healers and those who want to learn more about Reiki, energetic healing methods and living in harmony with all things.
I received my Master Reiki training in September, 2008 and my Karuna Reiki training in September, 2010, from William Lee Rand in Seattle. I earned my Crystal Reiki and Ra-Sheeba Reiki certificates in 2010 from Geoffrey Keyte and Anne Devore, respectively. I earned my Certification in Acutonics (tuning forks) in 2014 and my Lightarian Reiki training in 2012.
We meet either in the "Reiki room" (our dining room) or outdoors for Reiki Meetups. I live on an unusual piece of property in Everett that is part wetland, part woodland. In warmer months there is plenty of private outdoor space for Reiki.
I also teach all levels of Reiki, from Reiki I - Karuna, and beyond. I have also developed my own system to attune people to the elements/elementals, called Elemental Frequencies Dragon Reiki. I offer 1-on-1 sessions and classes at my home.
My biggest goal is to spread light to the world and to get to know others who would like to do the same. Below is my outlook on life and an explanation of my philosophy in creating Rising Spirals Reiki and the focus for these Meetups:
I Am An Energist
An Energist is not simply someone who believes in energy. It’s difficult in our world not to believe in energy, since some manifestations of energy, like electricity, have been proven by science. As an Energist, I am someone who believes that the Universe and all within it is energy and is created by and run by, energy.  Energy is neutral, nameless, bodiless, genderless. We decide what meaning it has and that can give it a focus or polarity. That also connects us to energy frequencies that are beneficial, like hope, joy, compassion, patience, etc. But of itself, energy is neutral.
As such, it is diminished when it is defined too far or shackled as part of a human-based system.
I believe the Source of the Universe, what some would call “god”, is a cooperative collective of energy frequencies. To me, it looks like a circle composed of smaller circles, or bubbles.
This is why I have used the system of Reiki only as a structure to talk about energy, not as a “buzz word” or “the” best system. Nor have I gone along with many of the trends taking place in Reiki groups. When we put human names and associate human systems with energy, we limit it by defining it, and that, in turn, can limit our belief in what we can do with it.
I believe that if we simply read energy and work with energy frequencies, that there is nothing we cannot do. This is why the ideas of holding space and intent are so important. Holding space for peace to occur, for example, means simply noting and naming what is going on, whether we perceive it as “positive” or “negative” and continuing to simply offer the energy of peace.  And to believe that the energy of peace exists even when there are also energies of fear, anger or frustration existing in the same area.
Offering the energy and holding space for the energy to manifest is a lot different from creating, expecting or insisting on any energy, even a beneficial one like peace. In the first example, we know peace exists. We know we have chosen peace. Others might or might not choose peace, and some may have chosen other energies. We simply continue to hold the energy of peace in the face of what could be seen as conflicting energies. In the second case, we insist that peace (or some other energy) must dominate the current situation, whether others are able to hold space for peace or not.
This is a big reason why we do the energy exercises at the beginning of each meditation. If we can become accustomed to taking in the purest essence of Compassion, for example, instead of having to name Q’uan Yin or any other named entity associated with Compassion, we have chosen to ingest and work with the energy of Compassion, nothing more and nothing less. By taking in the purest essence of Compassion, we can derive greater benefit from the frequency.
This is why our space at Rising Spirals Reiki is a god/Jesus/religion/drug and alcohol free zone.
As an Energist, I will continue to teach Reiki and other energetic subjects from a neutral space. This means that I will focus on the energy of the lifeforece frequencies that allow us to exist on Earth. Human-created systems, including Holy Fire Reiki, the Matrix, Oneness Blessing and other current focused systems, will not be practiced at the Reiki Meetups held at Rising Spirals Reiki.
I know that this might mean that some will choose not to attend our Reiki shares, events or classes.  I trust that all people have been given by the Universe, the resources that they need to walk their unique life paths.
Go in peace.