What we're about

This group is for anyone interested in learning traditional Kung fu. All levels are welcomed. We will practice stance work, forms, and drills. There will be no sparring. We will meet once a week for about an hour to get a good workout and have some fun. Please wear comfortable workout clothes and shoes. It is recommended to bring water because you are going to sweat!

Class Itinerary

We will be working out for about an hour and usually follows this structure:

• salute

• stretching

• beginning warmups (stances and basic strikes)

• forms and or drills

• closing salute

Kung fu Style

The kung fu style we will be practicing is 8 Animals 8 Methods. It is a southern external style that uses a variety of long arm techniques, kicks, join locks, and wide stances.

8 Animals

• Dragon

• Tiger

• Crane

• Leopard

• Phoenix

• Monkey

• Ape

8 Methods

• Hard

• Soft

• Northern Kicking

• Grappling and Seizing

• Short Strikes

• Drunken

• Continuous Palm

• Power Breathing

Past events (3)

Kung fu @ Sunset Rec Center

Sunset Recreation Center

Kung fu @ Sunset Playground

Needs a location

Kung fu @ Yerba Buena Garden

Yerba Buena Gardens

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