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Monetizing your Ad-Blocking Audience Sponsored by & eyeo
150 million ad-blocking users see selected ads -- are they seeing yours? Hundreds of millions of consumers (possibly even you) block ads. But did you know that publishers and advertisers can still monetize many of them by marketing to them on their own terms? The ad-blocking consumer is well-educated, spends more money online, and even responds to some ads better than non-ad blockers. Now there is a way to get them back and re-establish the value exchange between those of you who work in advertising, and consumers who have downloaded an ad blocker. There is even a programmatic exchange to allow premium brands to get in front of these users on popular, well-respected websites. Come learn about how to recapture this blocked audience, and meet some of the people who engineered the ad blockers and learn what motivated them. is a new programmatic exchange to tap the ad-blocking audience once considered beyond reach. eyeo is the parent company to the open-source browser extension Adblock Plus, which is the world's largest ad blocker with some 1 billion downloads, but is also a supporter of Acceptable Ads, the user-consented ad format. Start the new year off right by joining this sure-to-be-enlightening conversation. SFAdPub is a monthly meetup for digital advertisers, publishers, and adtech companies looking to learn from each other and share advice/insights. Each month we'll focus on different topics such as inventory monetization, media buying, brand safety, ad server optimization, mobile, video, audience measurement, analytics, and more! Come to network, ask questions, listen to guest speakers, learn about everything adtech!

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What we're about

SFAdPub is a monthly event that brings together the San Francisco Bay Area's Online Advertising community.

Whether you're on the buy side, sell side or the tech that's making the magic happen in the middle, SFAdPub is where you can network, learn, teach and keep up with the always changing landscape of the online ad world.

Each month we select a relevant topic that we focus on as a group and usually bring in a local expert (or experts) to present. There's plenty of time to hang out before and after the presentation and you can always count on refreshments and food to be there before you are.

Some examples of topics we've covered at past SFAdPub events are:

Getting Started With Direct Sales, presented by Rahul Nihalani (TechCrunch)

Getting Started With Ad Networks and Negotiating A Good Deal, presented by Casey Saran (AdMeld) and Tyler Fitch (SGN)

All About Data: How Publishers Are Using Data Providers To Boost Revenue, presented by Mark Balabanian (Turn)

The Current State of Mobile Advertising, presented by Tom Ferguson (Mojiva), Debby Chang (Mocean Mobile) and Raj Singh (Tempo AI)

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are working in the world of online advertising then checking out SFAdPub should be on your monthly to-do list. Join this meetup now and you'll get notified when the next event is getting close.

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