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Note: This meetup is scheduled for 7:00 PM UTC / 11:00 AM PST!

This is the third in our monthly series of seasteading socials. These are fun, informal meetups used for building the seasteading community, discussion of seasteading ideas, disseminating TSI news, general networking, finding volunteers, etc.

This meetup will be scheduled in Second Life, with a European-friendly time to give more members of our international community a chance to participate. For those of you who haven't used Second Life, we'll provide some documentation to ease your trip into cyberspace.

Jesrad has created a seastead in Second Life's Everlite region where we'll be hosting the event. If you have Second Life installed, you can go to the meeting site by clicking here:

Patri will be present and give a talk on TSI's vision and an update about the latest happenings.