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Dinner and Free Style Dancing in Rockridge and Berkeley

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What: Dinner and Free Style Dancing

When: Friday, December 7, 7:45pm (yes very short notice, I know!)

Where: Crepevine
5600 College at Oceanview
Oakland , CA 94618

For those that have never been, Dance Journey is both amazing and rather
strange! From a brainiac perspective, it is fascinating to watch this
'happening” that has been going on every Friday for many decades. : )
The mix of people and DJ's and the fact that there are TWO rooms with
different types of music in each makes it really unique. One room is mostly
fast-ish dance music, one room is slow, and this week the slow music room has
LIVE music (which is truly fantastic!!!). This is a magical (or at
least interesting) way to spend a Friday night, especially if you love
good music and love to dance. Free style- so whatever you do is fine!
There are no steps to learn or rules to follow, just listen to the
music and dance or sit or stand or whatever feels right. : )
(see )

Clothing is what you would wear to a yoga class, as in COMFORTABLE
and not fancy is the norm (sweats are fine, but wear layers, as it
will get warmer over time). Here is something unique-- they don't even
allow shoes on the dance floor! (Socks are fine). To keep it from
getting crazy they also have a policy against drinking at the venue
(fine if you do it before hand), and fragrances (yes, that means no
perfume or cologne). It's a bit over the top, but in a crowded room
its nice to not have to worry for those with allergies. : )

That said, it will be very hard to find each other there so.
We will meet at Crepe Vine at 5600 College Ave in Oakland at 7:45 pm
to grab food (see ) and then head off (car
pool is the way to go) to dance Journey from there. : )
I will be wearing all black except for a puffy dark purple coat
and/or a dark purple purse. We will grab food, chat a bit, and then
head off to dance. (If you just want to come to eat, that is fine too.
If you just want to come to dance, I can't guarantee you will find us
there, but that is also OK if you are willing to risk not finding the

More On the Dancing:
The DJ this Friday will be EXCELLENT. He will be in one room, and in
another room will live music slow-ish and mellow. $15 at the door, but
if you are a newby, you can get a free pass online. You just have to
print it out and bring it to get the discount (Google Dance Journey to
get the details). The entry fee lets you into both rooms and you can
move back and
forth from one room to another throughout the night. That said, you
must bring $15 cash (they do have change but they do not take checks
or credit cards).

Sorry about the short notice! A friend I was going with bailed last
minute and I decided to try to recruit some new people to some along
this week. : )