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What we’re about

This group is for ladies or lady identified geeks, nerds and gamers. Our primary age range is 20's to 30's. Meetups will be focused around playing board games (like Catan and Dominion NOT Monopoly and Life), or maybe just watching a movie and doing crafts! We're also into video games. Most meetups I create will take place in San Francisco (where I live and can host).

-Member Guidelines-

Must be a lady or lady identified

Must be 21+

Must be located within the Bay Area

Your profile should have something in it! I do read them to make sure you knew what you were signing up for. Your answers should reflect why you're a good fit for a gaming/geeky group. There is no strict enforcement on level of nerdiness (you don't have to be 'hardcore' :p), but this is not a typical ladies hanging out group. 

Examples of Games Played:

* Terra Mystica

* Viticulture

* Castles of Burgundy

* Notre Dame

* Concordia

* 7 Wonders

* Puerto Rico

* Power Grid

* Suburbia

* Ethnos

RSVP's & No-Shows

Try to be courteous on your RSVPs. If you no show or cancel your RSVP last minute 3 times in a row you will be removed and banned from the group. Beyond that, if we start noticing you no-show more than you're attending, we will issue a warning with possible removal of the group to follow. This rule stops people from taking spots in capped events when they had no intention of ever showing at meetups.


-Guidelines for Meetups-

(only need to be referred to if you're making a meetup) 

Meetups must specify Ladies Only or All Genders Allowed. All Genders Allowed means that a lady who is a member of the meetup knows this someone who is not a lady, and they are her guest. Anyone who is not a lady is not allowed to join this group directly.

No spam or advertising! Please advertise elsewhere. If you are interested in sponsoring the meetup for advertising, please contact me directly. All advertising that is not a sponsor will be removed with possible removal of the member involved. costs organizers money to use.