#PerfMatters Conference 2020 (Online Only)

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Note: this event is now fully online, with more speakers and an online conference party.

#PerfMatters Conference is the web performance conference taking place on March 31 & April 1, in Redwood City, California with talks by internationally-renowned performance developers. The focus is on front-end web performance.

* Speed that lasts - creating a performance culture in a team, Ewa Gasperowicz
* When JavaScript Bytes, Tim Kadlec
* FMP, TTI, WTF? Making Sense of Web Performance, Ire Aderinokun
* Why we can’t have nice things, Yoav Weiss
* Creating Performant Virtual Reality Experiences for the Web, Erica Stanley
* Building for Budgets, Aaron Turner
* Improving Walmart.com's Cart & Checkout speed by 50% without cutting down on features, Vasanth Krishnamoorthy
* Betting on boring: Getting ahead with oldskool tech, Phil Hawksworth
* The art of predictive prefetch, Divya Tagtachian
* Javascript Performance in Extreme Environments, Taylor Fairbank
* Responsive Images for the Web, Sia Karamalegos
* Understanding Cumulative Layout Shift, Annie Sullivan
* Observability for Web Perf, Emily Nakashima
* Getting Out Of Users' Way: Less Jank With Web Workers, Trent Willis
* Shipping a performance API on Chromium, Nicolás Peña Moreno
* Don’t let GDPR hurt performance, Thomas Corthouts

Also, Tim Kadlec will be leading a pre-conference workshop "Getting Up to Speed with Performance" to get attendees started with web performance. If that sells out (which it almost has), Katie Sylor-Miller will be teaching a second workshop on the exact same topic.

Register at https://perfmattersconf.com. Use code "SFHTML5" to get $50 off registration!