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Part 3 Neurobiology of Morality, Dr. Sarah Strand, Psych of Religion

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Part 3 Neurobiology of Morality, Dr. Sarah Strand, Psych of Religion


Dr. Sarah Strand created her course Psychology of Religion for California State University Sacramento after speaking to community groups around Northern California and Nevada for ten years.

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Bay Area Humanist is hosting the three-part series on these dates:
1. August 5, 2023 Evolution of Religion (ask for recording)
2. November 4th, 2023 "Neurobiology of Religious Experiences"
3. February 3rd, 2024 "The Neurobiology of Morality"

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Part 3 (Neurobiology of Morality:

In "Neurobiology of Morality," Dr. Strand begins by briefly introducing the historical assumption that morality and religion are closely linked. Next, Sarah describes that contemporary moral psychologists show that humans – whether male or female, atheist or religious, American or Aboriginal – make remarkably similar moral judgments. So if religion doesn’t guide our moral judgments, what does? The presentation concludes with a discussion of data from human and non-human studies that suggest regions in the frontal and temporal lobes form a “moral network" and that morality is subject to evolutionary mechanisms in much the same way as physical and behavioral traits.

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