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OneVoice CircleSingers Monthly Meetup
WHO WE ARE: We are OneVoice CircleSingers, an improvisational singing community with a spiritual attitude. We are a "vocal jam-fest with heart." :) Members of the vocal group SoVoSo lead & inspire our Circles. We meet every third Wednesday evening of the month at First Congregational Church of Oakland, for two hours of improvised group song - the choir evolves throughout the evening, with opportunities to step into the center and sing over what the group has created. Singers at all levels of experience are welcome. Come check us out!

First Congregational Church of Oakland

2501 Harrison St at 27th St · Oakland, CA


What we're about

The purpose of this Meetup group is to encourage and foster participatory singing in the San Francisco Bay Area-- to be a forum where people who love to sing can connect with like-minded individuals and find fun opportunities to raise their voices in supportive environments.

If you have a group or event consistent with the ethos of "San Francisco Sings" that you'd like to list here, please contact the organizers at:

Organizations that list events with this Meetup group include:

San Francisco Cable Car Chorus

One of San Francisco's most venerable a cappella groups, we sing barbershop classics and more modern tunes in four-part a cappella harmony. Interested singers can:
...Practice and perform with a group of talented and motivated fellow musicians-in-training
...Learn how to sing in a barbershop quartet or chorus
...Improve your singing: we work on vocal technique, close harmonizing, ear training, sight singing, and performance skills
...Expand your repertoire of classic American popular songs
...Enjoy fellowship and song every week with a great group of guys, and if you've never heard a chord ring, you're in for a real treat.
Musical experience is a plus but is not required. Even if you can't read music, if you can carry a tune, carry it here, and you'll be singing harmony in no time. We meet every Monday at 7:30pm at Christ Church Lutheran, 1090 Quintara St. (at 20th Avenue) in San Francisco.

OneVoice CircleSingers

We are a community gathering of folks who form an improvised choir, with leadership primarily from SoVoSó, an Oakland-based vocal band. Arts First Oakland launched us in 2002 as the Oakland revival of an annual tradition - "Singing For Your Life" - that began at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral in the 1990s. Now known as Sing For Your Life, this annual event is a non-stop 12-hour choral improvisation, every year on December 30th from noon to midnight at First Congregational Church of Oakland. We also host a monthly singing gathering which happens without fail, every third Wednesday of the month.

Since 2008 all of our events have been organized by an all-volunteer core of community members, who took up the torch to continue presenting our monthly gatherings and the annual celebration. Over the years we have become a tight-knit but always-open community, meeting monthly and sometimes more, to renew ourselves in song.

A term coined by Bobby McFerrin, CircleSinging refers to a group collaborative song created in the moment. This group is for anyone (not just singers) who wants to come together in spontaneous song for the betterment of their soul and their world. While we are not a religious group, we are often moved by the spirit and the magic of the music, and we bet you will be too!

CircleSinging can be described lots of ways: vocal improvisation, vocal “jamming”, add-a-part/change-a-part, vocal orchestra, “voicestra”, a “drum circle” for singers, or just plain “make it up” singing. It’s done all over the world in countless different ways and it dates back to the earliest forms of human singing. Circlesongs are created when a circle of singers takes melodic and rhythmic cues (parts) from a skilled facilitator creating repeated rhythmic and harmonic patterns that create songs unique to the moment. As the facilitator cues out old parts and introduces new ones, the song continues and changes without stopping, the backgrounds evolve in subtle variations as the facilitator (and at times other singers) groove on top, yet are always staying grounded in attentive listening.

Circlesinging pulls from all kinds of African, Middle Eastern and other vocal or vocal percussive techniques. Under the creative guidance of the skilled facilitator, the group is led in completely improvised music performance; every moment is free of preconceptions and is created anew. When you enter the circle, you are in a “Mistake-Free” zone.

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