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ESTE's Trader Dojo - Live Trading, Coaching, and Looking For Opportunites!

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Price: $50.00 /per person
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Everyday the market changes and it's always going to be uncertain. This uncertainty creates fear which leads to inconsistent profits. It is a fact that 75% of traders fail to succeed in trading.

Imagine if you had a support group that could assist you within that moment. Imagine someone coaching you and giving you a different perspective based on what you see and believe in. Imagine if you could save some losses. Imagine someone looking over your shoulder helping you out.

By having a Peak Performance Trader Coach, I bet it would save you time and money doing it on your own.

Every Monday and Wednesday, Enlightened Super Trader Education hold a trader dojo class session. We look at the last 2 hours of trading looking for potential trades and helping traders give a different outlook of what they see based on their system. We look for factual evidence what causes price action to move to the upside, downside, or sideways.

We assist traders like you to be more aware of your emotions and to be more objective with your trading analysis to find better entries, exits, risk management, and money management.

Never trade on your own ever again and learn to be a better trader so you can be a consistent profitable trader!

If you are game, I look forward to seeing at the dojo!

Kind regards,

Reynaldo Soriano - Peak Performance Trader Coach

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