Automatic upgrades and Symfony Console


Hello Symfony friends,

Welcome to our August meetup hosted by LIDL Digital in the Clinker Lounge. Join us for talks by Tomáš Votruba about easier application upgrades with Rector and Christopher Hertel teaching us how to write better Symfony Console applications. As usual doors will open at 19:00 and talks will start at around 19:30.

19:00 Doors open
19:30 Introduction and Host Intro
19:45 You Still Upgrade Your Application to Major Versions Manually? by Tomáš Votruba
20:10 Break
20:25 Better Console Applications by Christopher Hertel
21:15 Closing notes & Socializing


You Still Upgrade Your Application to Major Versions Manually?
Tomáš Votruba

Before composer we downloaded packages manually, one by one. Now we do it in composer update.

That way you'll update a dependency from Symfony 3.0 to Symfony 4.0. How do you fix BC breaks in your code? Manually, one change after another, file by file. In non-PHP world, lazy Google and Facebook folks automated such work with tools. What about PHP?

With AST from nikic/php-parser this is now possible in PHP as well. I'll show you how Rector can handle 80 % of boring upgrades for you. I can help with Symfony, Sylius, Twig, Nette, Doctrine and PHPUnit code.


Better Console Applications
Christopher Hertel

Console applications - whether part of a larger (Symfony-)application or standalone-tool - usually are the bash-script of PHP developers. Thereby one often leaves the path of clean code and hacks a very pragmatic solution. Despite the fact that a lot of these fast solutions remain in project and need to be maintained for longer. What to reason about while developing a console application and which simple tricks help to clean up your code, is shown by examples in this talk. How do I decouple my code from CLI runtime, how do I optimize long running processes and so on.