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Hello friends of Symfony,

The next edition of our Symfony meetup will be hosted by Inviqa in Friedrichshain. Dan and Stefan will join us as speakers - by coincidence again, together, on the same night. That's going to be awesome!
This time we will learn about two very interesting topics: Async PHP and building APIs with API Platform


7.00pm - Doors open
7.30pm - Welcome and host introduction by Inviqa
7.45pm - Exploring Async PHP by Daniel Leech
8.15pm - Short break
8.30pm - API Platform: the ultimate API platform by Stefan Adolf
9.15pm - Closing notes and socializing


Exploring Async PHP
Daniel Leech

As PHP programmers we are used to waiting for network I/O, in general we may not even consider any other option. But why wait? Why not jump on board the Async bullet-train and experience life in the fast lane and keep up with Go and NodeJS.

This talk will aim to make the audience aware of the benefits, opportunities, and pitfalls of asynchronous programming in PHP, and guide them through the native functionality, frameworks and PHP extensions though which it can be facilitated.


API Platform: the ultimate API platform
how we built our IoT smart shelve’s marketplace endpoints in no time
Stefan Adolf

Building APIs can be madness, especially if you want to do it right from day 1. Uncountable projects support you in this business but API Platform stands out. In this talk Stefan demonstrates the setup of a fully featured API Platform application by merely adding some plain Doctrine entities and annotations. The result is a fully interactively documented API service (Swagger) that creates JSON-LD, JSON:API or JSON-HAL compatible inline links. Its Hydra docs enables you to scaffold fully functional frontend clients without writing any code at all, and by adding just one more Composer dependency everything unfolds as GraphQL API. This talk will additionally show some demos of our special use case that we’re using API Platform for and how you can secure it with JWT authentication and build custom actions and data providers in case you don’t want to use relational databases at all.