Symfony Cloud & new Notifier Component


Hi Symfony friends,

It's time to look at recent developments in Symfony. While Symfony Cloud is around for a while it just entered general availability this July. We have more new and shiny Symfony things coming up soon. Completely new with Symfony 5, the Notifier Component will change how we interact with services like Slack or Telegram in Symfony. Let's have an early look what is coming in November when 5.0 will be released.


19:00 Doors Open
19:30 Welcome & Introduction
19:45 Notifier Component by Hafiz Abdul Rehman
20:10 break
20:30 Meet Symfony Cloud with a peek under the hood by Robert Douglass
21:00 Closing notes & socializing


Notifier Component
Hafiz Abdul Rehman

In his SymfonyLive Keynote in London Fabien Potencier - the author of Symfony - announced the new Notifier Component that will ease the integration of notification services likes Slack, Telegram or Twilio. So listen up if you need or want to integrate chat or messaging services in your application.


Meet Symfony Cloud with a peek under the hood
Robert Douglass

Join Robert Douglass, Chief of Developer Relations at, as he gives an insider tour of Symony Cloud. Now that Symfony Cloud is in general availability, you might be asking "What does this thing do? How does it do it? Should I be paying attention?" Robert answers all of these questions and more, and will also talk about the technology and company behind Symfony Cloud,