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Monitoring Resources on AWS

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Jason K. and Jason F.


We will discuss concepts that overwhelm many new AWS Users, including monitoring your overall AWS Billing Usage, your "Reserved Instance" allocations for your always-on EC2/RDS instances, understanding "CPU Credits" for smaller EC2 "T2" instances, using EC2 CloudWatch metrics to monitor "CPU credits" for smaller EC2 T2 instances, using S3 CloudWatch metrics to monitor S3 bucket size and object counts, browsing CloudWatch metrics, and creating a CloudWatch dashboard.

Please join us for this second meeting, even if you are an experienced AWS user! We will also be discussing future group topics and meeting locations and would appreciate your feedback and support.

There is no charge to attend. Food and drinks are optional. Arrive early to purchase food/drinks from the restaurant's lunch menu ( They asked us NOT to submit our orders online in advance. They are trying to arrange a fixed-price pizza buffet for us instead.

PS - Not sure what to order? The Pitch has great pizza! You can find reviews on Yelp (

2924 East Sunshine Street · Springfield, MO
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