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Our monthly Shamanic Journey Circle on 2nd Tuesdays is a place for shamanic practitioners and students of shamanism to meet, journey and share community, as we enter into the place of heart and spirit.

The circle we create each month contains the energy and intention of the work we do, as individuals and as a group of people joining together. This is our circle, our "travel club." Out of respect for this path and the other participants with whom we create this circle, prior journeying experience* and a sense of appropriate etiquette in ceremonial circle** are recommended.

Destination? Those deep places of the heart, those wise and compassionate places where Spirit resides, waiting to commune with us.

The shamanic journey lets us safely shift into a conscious connection with spirit, for learning, healing, and the direct revelation of spiritual guidance.

Let's bring our energies together to journey, learn, heal and grow.

Please bring:
- drums and/or rattles if you have them
- note-taking materials
- a bandanna or other eye-covering
- perhaps a yoga mat or small blanket to lay on
- your good intentions
- $5-$10 to contribute towards the use of our space

Doors are shut and we begin at 7:00, when we'll formally create our circle.

To honor healing and safe sacred space for all, this gathering is absolutely drug- and alcohol-free. This includes ingested consciousness-altering plant allies. Someplace else, perhaps, but not here.


* About journeying: Knowing how to journey allows you to fully participate in this gathering - it's more fun and more useful. Experiences in other spiritual traditions, worthy as they are, are not automatically interchangeable with knowing how to journey. If you're unacquainted with the basics of shamanic journeying, consider taking a beginning workshop (2-hour and weekend versions are listed in our events and on my page (http://www.rennashesso.com/rennashesso/Beginning_Shamanic_Workshops.html)), working with one of Sandra Ingerman's Sound True (http://www.soundstrue.com/store/catalogsearch/result/?q=ingerman) recordings or on-line courses, or consider attending The Shamanic Way: Accessing Answers Within (http://www.meetup.com/The-Shamanic-Way/) Meetup, which is more geared to serve as an opening introduction to this path. However you come to it, shamanic journeying is a specific skill well worth acquiring!
These terms are defined more fully farther down this page. Ideally, this gathering can work well for all of us, so if you're not sure if what you do might be a good fit here, please contact me, Renna, before attending.

** "Ceremonial or Circle etiquette": Respect for the etiquette of coming together in Circle, in intentionally created ceremonial space, is deeply appreciated. Prior experience of being in ceremony, in spiritual gatherings, is useful, but this is also a place where these practices can be learned. For these two hours, we want to work together harmoniously, supporting a good journeying atmosphere for each other and in turn being supported.
Please bring a reasonably open mind and heart, and a willingness to be an active participant in this gathering. Much of this is just basic polite behavior: Treating each other with kindness and consideration. This isn't a place for interrupting others, or arguing about whose way is "better."
Please understand that how things happen here may not match your usual personal practices, but that while we're together here, we're agreeing to do it this way. We come with our spirit-allies, not with our ego, and with the intention to create a place for fruitful experiences in a safe environment.
"Safe environment" also means no alcohol, no drugs, no ingested consciousness-altering plant allies, but especially no toxic attitudes or drama. For these two hours, we work together harmoniously...

If you feel you can flow along with this, please join us.

Here are some more complete definitions of these terms -
* For our purposes, "shamanic journeying" means:
• You can enter, navigate and return from a journey to your own spiritual helpers, and you can usually bring their information back with you.
• You can journey using a drum or other sound for accompaniment (rather than, say, via a guided visualization that someone else is speaking).
• Your journeys are intentional (rather than only by accident, yanked into the realm of spirit only at spirit's choosing rather than your own, or only while dreaming).
• or... you've learned the basics of journeying and now want to build your skills.

* What do I mean by "journeying experience"?
• Maybe you took a class/workshop that covered the basics of how to journey, whether or not you feel you've yet been successful with actually doing it.
• Maybe you picked up an ability to journey in a less formal setting, i.e. through family traditions and practices.
• Maybe you've been in ceremonial settings with drumming, realized that the sound transported you, and have worked to learn more.
• Maybe you've attended The Shamanic Way: Accessing Answers Within (http://www.meetup.com/The-Shamanic-Way/) Meetup, which is more geared to serve as an opening introduction to this path.
• Maybe a friend who engages in shamanic journeying has helped you begin exploring the practice, not just describing it to you, but drumming you through the basic steps.
• Maybe you're taken an on-line class with Sandra Ingerman or some other shamanic teacher.
• or maybe you've been working with a book AND a recording of journey drumming - so you understand the basics and have been practicing with the sound cues.

If you have no experience so far with shamanism - specifically, with shamanic journeying - check the calendar for Intro and Beginning classes.

PS: Is this gathering kid-appropriate? Not really. Please read our "About children (http://www.meetup.com/shamanic-denver/pages/About_children/)" page; email Renna for clarification if you still have questions.

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