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What we’re about

[Formally known as Shamanic Sounds Meetup Group] - Seasonal ceremonies and workshops will also be offered here as before. Please visit: for more info.

Magical Heart Adventures Magical Heart Adventures is a travel agency for your body, mind, heart, and soul to discover and recapture diverse aspects of who you truly are. Through the explorations of VISIONS, SOUNDSCREATIVE EXPRESSIONS, and WISDOM, you are gently guided to overcome obstacles and challenges and rediscover the treasures of your true passion, life purpose and gifts that you are here to develop, nurture, share, and shine your brilliance in this world. All you need is an open mind and heart with childlike curiosity to trust yourself. Our supportive and caring agents and travel guides are standing by waiting for your arrival. Open the door to begin your new adventure! Welcome new and experienced inner travelers and creative expressionists. Get on board and ready to take off!

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Your travel agent Star Gazer is a multi-dimensional sound shaman/certified hypnotherapist, Voice & Sound Healer/Educator, Past Life therapist/counselor, ordained priestess with various training and experiences in creative expressions. Through visions, sounds, wisdom (earth wisdom shamanic/medicine teachings), and movement/creative expressions, you are guided to receive new insights and wisdom, healing and empowerment. (Private Tour is also available. Contact Star Gazer for more info.)