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This group is open to all who are interested in exploring the self through the Shamanic realm!

Shamanic healing helps you work towards combining all aspects of being present, in the body, mind, emotion and spirit. This is for seekers of unity and self-healing through Shamanic practices, Trance Dance and journeying. Drawing on her broad experience of energy and shamanic healing, Cathy will help you discover and use a diverse range of self-help tools.

Bringing in the power of the four directions, elements of nature and the animal kingdom allows deep grounding and connection with the earth and nature to support the shamanic journeys we will undertake.
In embracing the all with mindfulness, we may find our way to the still centre of our essence to feel the deepest possible connection with all that is.

Expect to be moved - come and let go of your expectations!

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Inspiration -> Expansion!

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Inspiration -> Expansion!

Needs a location


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