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What we’re about


Shamanism and Healing Ceremony

Welcome to this Friendly Group

A group to merge the wisdom of the past for the future

Open To All, Those New Or Experienced On The Shamanism Path

A group that merges the wisdom of the past for the future. We have had amazing transformations and healings in this group.

This welcoming group explores traditional ways and new ways to help you to empower, heal and enhance your connection with your spiritual teams.

During meetups we:

Learn different ways to connect to spirit, including journeying and other practices, supported by me and your spiritual teams.

Connect and Heal with our ancestors

Explore and heal past lives

Connect to all of creation, including star energies, animal guides and your spiritual teacher.

Work energetically with plant spirits

Complete powerful healing ceremonies to help heal those who need it.

Connect with Godesses energies to heal and transform.

Connect and work energetically with body' organs to help in the healing process.