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Brunch @ 山茶花韩国家庭料理 on Dec 10

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12月10日上午11:45,我们计划在长宁金虹桥一起去吃“山茶花韩国家庭料理”,欢迎一起来,这家店以韩式烤肉为主,环境也很舒适,绝对是周末放松聊天的好地方。我们可以一起尝尝他们家招牌的韩式烤肉,还有其他很多好吃的。 组织预订和排队费用:每人20元人民币(确认后不予退还) 食物和饮料费用:一起点单后分摊或AA制(预计每人约150元人民币) ​ 如遇排队过长或其他特殊情况,我们可能会考虑取消或更换餐厅。
On December 10th at 11:45 AM, we plan to go to 'Camellia Korean Home Cooking' in Changning Hongqiao. You're welcome to join us! This restaurant is primarily known for its Korean barbecue and has a very comfortable environment, making it a perfect place for relaxing and chatting over the weekend. We can try their signature Korean barbecue and many other delicious dishes.
The cost for organizing and queueing is 20 RMB per person (non-refundable once confirmed). For food and drinks, we'll order together and either split the bill or go Dutch (AA system), with an expected cost of about 150 RMB per person.
If we encounter long queues or any other special circumstances, we may consider canceling or changing the restaurant。

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