• Volunteer teaching opportunities!

    Children's Welfare Centre

    Make a difference and help the orphans learn English! 1. Meet up time: 8:30AM Exit 2, Nanjing West Rd. Station, Line 2 2. Meet up time: 9:10AM Exit 16, Xujiahui Station, Line 1,9,11 3. Meet up time: 9: 50AM Exit 1, Zhongcun Rd. Station, Line 9 (You can pick a time and arrive there on time! My friend, or I will pick you up there.) We're heading to the orphanage in Minhang together to see if we can help or anything. These orphans are going to be adopted by American Families but they speak no English. The Children's Welfare Centre is looking for volunteer teachers to help their English. (Preferably long term volunteers, but we try our best.) Time is negotiable, just one hour every week! So my friend and I decided to organise a tour to the centre (The meeting is actually made for 10:00AM near Zhongcun Rd. Station), we can all see what's going on there and what volunteers can do! After the tour to the centre, we'll drop by Qibao old town (a famous scenic spot) for some snacks and sightseeing! Woot! Woot! Estimate time back to town: 16:00 ^^ If you'd like to join me, please RSVP the event and msg the organiser (Lily) the time you'd like to meet up! I assure you that this will be a fun and rewarding experience!

  • Let's meet up and walk!

    LINE 8 ( Exit 4. Dashijie station)

    Our frist meet up event on Aug. 23rd, 2014 ( http://meetu.ps/2tJqJn ) 50 international friends joined 20 greeters to walk around the city. We also gave away a few "I ❤️ SH" t-shirts! Walk with City dreamers in Shanghai: looking for attractions between the streets [On seeing and noticing] Shanghai, Shanghai? Shanghai! Shanghai. This walk will be a discovering city walk. To notice what we have already seen. To Find the new and old things happened on the street. To talk to the people who just arrived and the people who live here. To make our own special story in shanghai. To leave our own mark in this city. Shanghai, I was here. [Main Attraction] Park Hotel, People Square, General Post Office Building, Waibaidu Bridge, Nanjing East Road...etc. *It's easy for you to explore all these attraction on your own, but during this trip, our greeters will show you the different side of Shanghai and its people! ^^ [YOU] You want to know… where to find the tasty food? How to find the interesting stuff? a unique experience ? a different side of Shanghai? Make friends with the people from all overthe world in Shanghai? Please join us. We are open to friends who are interested in Shanghai. If you walk through the whole trip, you will have chance to get a “I Love SH” t-shirt (Raffle in the end). [WE] We are the city dreamers. We are from different background, but we all have the same goal --- TO show the others a unique Shanghai . We are Shanghai Greeters and we are also a proud member of Global Greeter Network where there are already 61 cities worldwide giving free guides and visits. Since it was established in February 2013, Shanghai Greeters have given walking tours to more than 500 visitors from about 20 countries. Our volunteers are not professional (tourist) guides. They are enthusiastic individuals with unique knowledge of Shanghai and will show you the city as a friend would do. Greeters offer their time to show you where the citizens live and how to “walk around”. [Meet up] Date: Sat, Feb 7th, 2015 Time start: 2:30 p.m. Duration: 1.5 - 2 hrs Cost: free (You cover your own expenses. Eg: Food & drinks) Meeting point: LINE 8 ( Exit 4. Dashijie station) How to join: RSVP and COME on time! Contact: Sam[masked]/Ivy[masked]/ Connie[masked] (phone/wechat) How to find us: People in “I ❤️ SH” T-shirt Tips: Wear comfortable shoes, and bring your smile. :) Notice: 1. Arrive on time. After the sign-up, we don’t wait. 2. RSVP the event and if the event is cancelled, we can let you know beforehand. 3. We’ll have games like scavenger hunt along the trip. Come with an open-mind. If you want to know us more, please follow us on: Facebook: http://facebook.com/ShanghaiGreeters Website: http://www.shanghaigreeters.com/ Wechat account:Shanghai-greeters Visitors can also request a greeter to walk with you during your visit in Shanghai! Below is the photo of the We Chat group, you can extract or scan to join us!