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What we’re about

shareNL is the the knowledge and networking platform for the collaborative and sharing economy. Have a look at our website here. 

The collaborative economy is a driving force of a new era, and it could lead us to a more social, sustainable and economically sound society. More and more people see the possibilities that the various collaborative economy platforms offer. In addition to the opportunities, we recognise the challenges that the new economic models provide. In this way, we can address the growth of the collaborative economy in a successful manner. This is what we strive towards with our mission. We believe that the whole is more that the sum of its parts. Thus, we work with the entire playing field consisting of startups, corporates, governments, research institutions and individuals. 

'We believe in a world where everyone has access to all products and services, necessary for a connected, prosperous, sustainable and happy life.'

Every year, we organise 4 free meetups to connect our network and share our and others knowledge amongst each other. 

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