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Details <br>Are you committed to do what it takes to lose some weight, get in shape and develop a lasting, healthier lifestyle? Then this may be for you - read on:

SHED TO SHRED PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: <br>WHY: Loose 5 - 10% of body weight and establish a healthier lifestyle (nutrition, exercise practices). <br>WHO: 8 - 12 committed People (this is a pilot) <br>WHAT: Team-based education, exercise, nutrition and support <br>WHEN: Feb 2 - April 30 2019 (90 days program)

Here some more details in a FAQ format: <br>1. Q: I'm already lean (women <25%, men <18%) - can I still participate? A: No, this is for people who are overweight or at best average. <br>2. Q: How do I know whether I'm too lean for this program? A: Look at the following chart for a broad estimate (or do a body-fat analysis): <br>3. Q: What do I do to join? A: You register to this event and answer survey at registration. I will decide whether you qualify, based on your answers. <br>4. Q: What is the cost to participate? A: There is no direct cost, but you may have some expenses (or savings), depending on your current lifestyle. For example, you'll learn how to eat healthily and this may reduce your restaurant and drinking bill. You'll also need to have some basic equipment (see next question) <br>5. Q: What do I need to participate? A: Aside from strong commitment, here are some of the things you may not already own but will need to invest in: A fitness or running watch that measures your heart rate, ideally 24/7. A skipping rope. A resistance band. I'll advise what to buy for those who need advice. If you already have these or can borrow from friends and family, that's best. I'll also ask you to download 1 or 2 apps, but will try to stick to free apps as much as possible. <br>6. Q: Shall I go out and buy these things right away? A: No - you don't know yet whether you're in the program! <br>7. Q: What means "being committed"? A: I'm glad you're asking - this is the most critical one. Plan to set aside 1 hour a day, 6 days a week for exercise + 30 minutes for reading and contributing to the team education effort. You may also need some time to shop and cook. <br>8. Q: Will I do all of this in a group? A: No. Although your are expected to join at least 2 group sessions per week (that includes 1 Bootcamp session Wednesday's 6.30PM or Sunday's 08.30AM AND an Indoor session Friday's 6PM. <br>9. Q: Who leads this program? A: I (Marco) will, occasionally with the help of fitness / health / nutrition professionals. I am not a fitness, health or nutrition professional by training and simply have passion for this. I've also successfully shed more than 10% of my own bodyweight in the past following the program I will share with you. However, I will tap into some professionals (possibly in partnership with SGActive) to make sure everyone gets maximum benefit. You will also play an important part as I will ask each participant to lead some of the education effort for yourself and for the team (meaning you read something and then instruct the rest of the team). <br>10: Q: Before you go, what will this program focus on, in broad strokes? A: Ok, I hope this is the last question... The biggest impact to weight loss is nutrition, so we'll cover that intensively and go down to the level of meal recipes. Second comes fitness and work-outs and we'll do many together, but also have a program you can do solo on days you can't join the group. Finally, we'll learn about ways to a healthier lifestyle, from sleep, to caring for one's mind. Everyone is different and hence everyone's needs are different. Different body types require different nutrition advice - I'll strive to give advice (and tools) that you can apply to your personal situation. You own your transformation though and I won't deny it, it will be hard work for you. But whenever there's hard work, doing it as a team makes it fun work - are you up to it?