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What we’re about

The purpose of this group is to create a safe, inclusive community of highly sensitive people, leaders and contributors where we are able to:

- share our experience of being highly sensitive,
- find the best strategies to utilize our gifts,
- solve for the emotional, mental and physical challenges we might face being highly sensitive,
- and elevate our leadership to make the positive impact we truly want to make in the world.

Note: I want to create a diverse and inclusive community where everyone is welcome and included. I particularly invite people of colour, as well as male members to join us to increase the diversity of this group, and improve our awareness and behaviours regarding inclusion.

**Group rules have been updated: Please read the ground rules as you join our community.**
Link to group rules:

This is a space where we belong and are understood by others having similar experiences as we have. It is also meant to be a learning space as we will all experience our sensitivity differently. This group is for us to be on a journey together and becoming our most brilliant highly sensitive self, and really integrating our HSP trait into our leadership and contributions in order to fulfill our potential.

Anyone who identifies as highly sensitive is welcome to join. Whether you have a leadership role, are a business owner, a volunteer or individual contributor, we welcome a wide range of highly sensitive people into this group to make it a rich, vibrant and inclusive community.

You are welcome to take my Sensitivity Questionnaire to start exploring your sensitivity:

Our events will take place once a month, online. This is our monthly community gathering where we will have discussions and activities centered around our HSP trait and our leadership development. These gatherings are meant to be informal, relaxed, fun and inclusive. They last an hour, and will be held on a weekday at 6pm GMT.

Overview of the next CG:
✅ Doing some calming breath work
✅ Learning more about our HSP trait, what it really means and how it manifests in our life and work
✅ Creating habits adapted to our trait in order to feel and perform at our best
✅ Belonging together with a group of like-minded leaders

Please commit to attending if you RSVP. We have all been there and missed a Meetup event, however we are developing a culture of empowerment for HSPs and this requires commitment and showing up. If you sign up and can't attend, please change your RSVP before the event. Thank you!

Just make yourselves comfortable and I'm looking forward to welcoming you!