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Yeah baby, Shit Movie Group is coming to Melbourne! Woo!

We'll be bringing our catalogue of crazy, insane and bizarre celluloid atrocities that can only make you think WTF?

Prepare to laugh your ass off at acting so bad it makes Pinocchio look like a real boy, special effects so good you'd wonder if it's real or if it's paper mache...store bought, scripts that are an affront to every typewriter everywhere all produced by people who need to go apologies to the trees that're hard at work making the O2 they're wasting...

So you've watched The Room after seeing the cute guy in The Disaster Artist and think you know bad movies? You've pissed on hospitality during Troll 2? You've made a Connection in Miami or taken a Hard Ticket to Hawaii?

Well, do we have some shit to show you my kin!

The idea of Shit Movie Group is to have fun, above all else, so come along, bring a smile and prepare to make new life long friends as you connect over the absolute codswollop on screen. We'll watch a film and then hang-around after to drink away the awful, awful memories, your favourite mind eraser, with chasers...

Coming Soon!

I don't know, like February or shit, like I'm organised #ShitbyNameShitbyNature

By that time we should be federated with the Australian Committee of Film Societies to be all legal'n'shit, like the Sydney group where this was first pinched out. With that, there will be a $10/month membership fee that goes towards licence fees for screening rights to the movies and cover costs of purchasing the media (as annoyingly that doesn't come with the screening rights) along with venue and equipment costs.

Outside of these private screenings we'll also try and get to local screenings of shit films in cinemas on the rare occasion this trash makes it to the mainstream. This won't require membership, you'll just have to buy a ticket through the theatre's usual channels, if I can't manage to haggle a deal with them, hey, as my nan used to say, you don't ask, you don't git.

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