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Shut Up & Write hosts free in-person and online writing events for writers all over the world. Our goal is to ensure that every writer, regardless of genre or skill level, has access to the community, accountability, and resources they need to be successful in their personal writing goals. Our events use our proven formula: a few minutes of introductions, a period of focused writing, and a final check-in to share our progress.

What to Expect

RSVP and please arrive 10–15 minutes early to get settled at an in-person event. Our host will lead introductions and then everyone will write for a quiet, focused period of time.

Afterward, feel free to get to know each other. Members often talk about their successes and challenges as writers. Our events are a safe space for writers to work on their craft. No one will read or critique your writing.

For more information, visit https://shutupwrite.com.

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Virtual Meetup: Shut Up & Write Antwerp on Zoom

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Welcome to Shut up & Write Antwerp! Are you looking for the time and discipline to write? Instead of just thinking about writing, come and get some real writing done. We have discovered that it’s strikingly helpful to write with others, even if we’re all just hanging out online together.
So join us for an hour of writing from the comfort of your own home.
Our main language is Dutch, but we will switch to English if you are an English speaking writer.
Be it a book, a poem, a diary, blog, script, essay, dissertation, resume, melody, or just plain work stuff, you are invited to write it with us. And don’t worry, no one will see what you've written or give you unsolicited advice.
Let's make time to write at 11 am on Sunday mornings. Let's do this together!

11:00 - quick intros.
11:15 - timer starts: write for 1 hour (we leave the camera on, turn the audio off, one hour of uninterrupted writing).
12:15 - quick chat: how did it go?
12:30 - the end

A computer with working camera and microphone, a good internet connection, and optionally, headphones.

Technical difficulties are part and parcel of getting together online.

If you’ve never used your computer for an online meeting, take a few minutes before we meet to familiarize yourself with how to use ZOOM by reviewing the below tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VebiA5pGq0

If you run into technical issues, remember that this is the time you’ve carved out for yourself and your writing. Whether or not you were able to join our online meet up, go ahead and get your writing started, then leave a comment below to let us know how it went for you.
Writing is very solitary. Connecting with other writers might inspire you. Happy writing and I look forward to seeing you!

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Virtual Meetup: Shut Up & Write Antwerp on Zoom

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