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A private group of hikers and backpackers who love the Sierra high country.

We are serious about backpacking. We know our own limits and respect them. We practice Leave No Trace. We participate as we wish, post hikes when we want company, and hold no other person responsible for ourselves. Accidents and emergencies happen; there is never a guarantee of prompt medical attention in the backcountry, and while we would certainly do everything in our power to help, ultimately the sole and total responsibility for your safety rests with you. This is the case with any group of friends heading out on a trip together.

We have a lot of fun out there. :)

PLEASE NOTE: military rucks, day hikes, car camping, marathons, biking, running, etc. are not backpacking. Wandering around Europe with a backpack is not the same kind of backpacking. When filling out your profile questions only overnight trips in the backcountry, aka WILDERNESS, count - what I am looking for are people who have the skills and the gear to enjoy our trips, as well as people who understand pacing. Personally, I expect groups I am with to be a team, stay together, and stay safe. I want to avoid a lot of unpleasantness associated with mismatched teams - if your normal pace is .02 miles per hour and you only want to go 2 miles in a day, PLEASE don't sign up for 90 miles in nine days!

If you want to post a trip, let me know. I can have as many event hosts as we want. You have to be one to post trips on meetups.

Which one do you want to hike with? Help us by considering this before your RSVP. There are all kinds of backpackers. Hike with the ones you would enjoy being with on the trail.

Go here: (

If you have 0 backpacking experience, this is not the right group for you. If you only have a weekend or two of wearing a backpack, it's probably still not the right group for you. There are plenty of groups out there to get backpacking experience with. Come back later after you've gotten some. The Sierra Club and REI also have classes and trips for beginners.

Any member can post a trip and invite the group. All here are event organizers posting to an audience of those who need minimal organization. You are welcome to post ideas and toss them around with others who want to go. If you want to post a day hike, a base camp/day hike, or anything that gets us out meeting each other to plan or prep for a longer trip - great! Getting to know other backpackers and going backpacking go together. If it's about hiking and backpacking, it's a good idea to post it.

Note that if you do not post a hike or attend a hike and have not visited the website in six months or more, I will be removing you from the group. Meetup costs more for huge groups. I do not require donations from members and would like to keep active people, but am trying to minimize cost.

DO NOT POST EVENTS THAT REQUIRE TECHNICAL GEAR. This is for backpacking and hiking only. Crampons, ice axe, ropes - NO. There are other groups for that. Go there. I will delete trips that include mountaineering. Unless you have a guiding service attached to it - NO you may not post it. Hope that is clear enough.

Happy hiking!

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