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What we’re about

How often do you interact with people from a different culture?

Most of us interact with people from all over the world on a daily basis and sometimes those interactions are easy and fun, and other times they are difficult and confusing. Intercultural understanding and communication are fields that focus on equipping people and organizations with the information and tools they need for positive and effective cross cultural interactions.

SIETAR Ireland is one of the newest members of the global SIETAR network and was established in 2008 to help people and organizations within Ireland to communicate across their differences and provide expert information and assistance in intercultural issues.

SIETARs around the globe work to make people more aware of how culture affects education, policy-making and business. It works to develop quality standards and ethical norms for intercultural work and promote exchange of ideas and experience in the intercultural field.

Our mission is to promote the understanding of and appreciation for culture and diversity through a collaborative network of practitioners who foster the growth and development of intercultural competencies in education and training, research and services across industries.

We invite any and all people who have a personal and professional interest in intercultural understanding and communication.