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!!! NOTICE !!:

Originally, since COVID we have cancelled our meetings, but we have now decided to host our meetings online until further notice. We will now meet on the 4th Friday of every month.

Welcome to our artificial intelligence (AI) meetup, held monthly in the Inland Empire! This is a slightly technical meetup focused on the latest/greatest trends in AI and machine learning (ML).

Past interests include computational+statistical learning theory, natural language processing, computer vision, computational science, generative models, neural expressivity, topological data analysis, philosophy of math, automated theorem proving, reinforcement learning, and self-driving vehicles.

Each month, we host a "3"-part discussion.

1) Host an introductory discussion on AI, ML and the topic in question -- beginners extremely welcome!

2) Discuss seminal and popular research, its use in business by Big Tech and startups, and the role of government in fostering or overseeing it.

3) Discuss the future. This could include presenting ongoing research, exploring free software, discussing our own projects, jamming out code, and speculating on the future of science and humanity. Lastly, we choose topics to investigate and discuss next month.

If you're looking to share your interests in AI or learn more about the field, check us out. We meet in the Inland Empire on the fourth Friday of every month.

- Rany Tith and Oscar Hernandez, Organizers

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