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Rack and Git Hooks

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Noah Gibbs will present 'Just Build Your Server on Rack' and 'Rack Middleware with Any Framework':

"Just Build Your Server on Rack": Build your framework or application directly on Rack... It's a very convenient layer and every Ruby application server supports it. Why do it? Why not? Better yet, what do you learn, and how exactly do you do it? Includes full source.

"Rack Middleware with Any Framework": Building and using Rack middleware is awesome. It works with any Ruby web framework... But it's horribly under-documented. Get a quick introduction to both built-in and third-party Middleware and how to use it.

Ruth Helfinstein will be presenting about Ruby Git Hooks:

"Learn how you can use Ruby Git Hooks to make Git work the way you want! With built-in hooks to check your commits for Jira bug ticket numbers, copyright messages, extra large files, and other problems, Ruby Git Hooks can help keep you honest and streamline your Git workflow. We will walk through some examples of how to use the built-in checks and how to write your own in just a few lines of code."

About Noah Gibbs

Noah wrote Rebuilding Rails, a book on building your own Ruby MVC framework. He taught Ruby on Rails for Carnegie Mellon. His title at OnLive is "Lead Rubyist." Multiple jobs have independently dubbed him "the oracle." He believes that somehow, some day there will be a second game as amazing as "Adventure Construction Set" for the Apple IIe.