Dockerizing a Rails App

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Red Rock

201 Castro St · Mountain View, CA

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Rails with Docker (50 - 60 min)

We start the session with a quick overview of what we will do.

What is Docker
You will learn the basic ideas behind Docker and how it all works from a high level.

Going over the Rails project
I'm going to prepare a small project that we will use throughout the webinar. To make sure we are all on the same page, I will show you the important pieces of the application.

Running a container
We will start our Docker journey by running a PostgreSQL Server inside a container and use it as DBMS for the Rails application. By doing so, you will learn important things like:
- Using the Docker CLI
- The lifecycle of a container
- Using Docker containers on different platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS)
- Container networking

Dockerizing the Rails project
We will go over the steps required to get our Rails application up and running in a Docker container. This mean we will be
- Adding a Dockerfile
- Building the image
- Running the application

Integrating Docker Compose
To further optimize our process and to ensure that the Database and Rails application are started together, we will create a configuration file for Docker Compose. You will learn:
- What Docker Compose is and where it can/should be used
- About inter-container communication
- How to configure your applications through environment variables

Running commands and iterating on a project
Now that the application runs in a container, we can look into how can make changes to the source code, execute Rake tasks and run our test suite.

Sharing images
We will push the image to Docker Hub, allowing others to access it. This gives us the chance to talk about Image registries and repositories.

CI/CD and deployments
We will discuss where to go from here and how we could put the dockerized Rails application in production.

Speaker Bio

Julian is a Software Engineer, Online Educator, and Container Enthusiast. He automates all the things and containerizes Ruby applications at day. At night he sleeps. In between those times, he is busy climbing, hiking and teaching people about Docker and Containers. His current life goal is to drastically reduce the time he sits per day. You can find more of his work related to learning Docker on and