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What we’re about

Welcome to Silly People in Montreal! Our purpose is to bring together like-minded people who are perhaps new in town, looking to network socially and make new friends, or simply in search of camaraderie in Montreal as we explore the city and what it has to offer. ✨

The "Silly" in Silly People is adopted from the Ottawa Silly People meetup, to bring together people who identify with being "weird" over being "normal." Doesn't mean we'll actively seek out and partake in doing silly things, but I hope to create a space for people to express their individuality freely, so long as it remains an inclusive environment for everyone.


My idea for this group started with one that I joined in Ottawa, and became a big hit during my time there.

Activities will take advantage of the summer weather and promote enjoying time outside (or inside) for those with a low/no budget, so we can partake in conversation and the company of others without the obligation to sit down and pay for drinks or a meal.

Not all events will be exclusive to free activities! I hope over time our meetups can evolve into more ambitious activities.

Initial activities will start with city or park walks and picnics around various regions of Montreal, and potentially the outskirts if there's appetite.

Always open to suggestions for events! If you liked one of these meetups, please leave a review! 💕