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Playing silly social games & making friends
Some reasonably simple games, chatting and a bit of food. All games will be taught. Everyone welcome. If you need to come later/leave early, that is fine. Just let me know ahead of time if you can. I'll cook up some veg in a big pot for a communal late lunch/early dinner. You are welcome to come earlier and help prepare veg if you are either feeling specially generous/helpful, or want to say hi before everyone else arrives. Snack/drink contributions welcome but not required. I prefer to avoid sugar, but bring whatever you enjoy. Some of the games we might play: Blank - communal creativity and game design Wibbell - a super-speedy wordgame The Sock Game - reaching into socks, trying to grab objects. Rubber bands, balloons and strings start to feel quite similar under time pressure! Tiefe Taschen - A leader is elected who distributes money however they want. Bribe people and pay other officials to gain more power - and money! Spyfall - questioning, bluffing and lying. The Mind - trying to understand each others' looks, noises and timing as we play cards in a set order without talking at all. The exact games will be decided on the day. Everything will be taught. I don't expect anyone else to know the rules. I have a library of a few hundred games, so no need to bring any of your own.

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    We will meet up sometimes during the weekdays in North London (N15, near Turnpike Lane) to play simple, usually silly, boardgames.
    Balancing cards.
    Lying to each other.
    Shouting words quickly.
    Searching a sock.
    Negotiating how to distribute money.
    Grabbing cards quickly.

    There are so many games that offer so many different experiences.

    Let me introduce you to some.

    This meetup will be perfect for those who don't work normal 9-5 hours for whatever reason. These events will often start in the middle of the day. You're welcome to come later, but let me know in advance when you might arrive.

    You don't need to know any of the games - I expect to be teaching everyone. :-)

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