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Simply sing and develop your voice

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Back with a bang....after three long weeks of a break we're back and looking forward to a sing song in the Central Hotel. Coming up to Easter we'll put a spring in our step and croon out our most light-hearted and chirpiest tunes matching the time of year and that blossoming sunshine!

Try to feel into your song and connect with it 'cos that's how you'll connect with the audience.

...and happy EASTER everyone! We hope you enjoy yourselves! See you on Tuesday! We can't wait ! :-)



Welcome to Simply Sing

Simply sing is designed for all vocalists who are looking to develop their solo singing. If you like singing but never got that opportunity to perform solo, this is the place for you. In a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere budding singers get to explore their singing voice. This group is open to all levels of singers. We meet most Tuesdays to simply sing!” So before you grab your microphone and start jumping for joy, remember this class is open to anyone who wishes to join, and is a great starting point for people who wish to explore their voices .After a few sessions, you will begin to see results, allowing you to feel a sense of achievement - and curiousity - when you hear a positive shift in your singing talent. So what are you waiting for? Come and join us for one of our weekly Meetup’s. We're looking forward to hearing your beautiful voices!

Meeting Structure

8.15 pm Warm Ups

8.35 pm Random Song Selection – Singers choose a random song from a collection of songs and perform the song solo (lyrics will be provided). This is a chance to sing songs that you wouldn't normally choose vocal exercises are carried out to warm up the voice

9pm- Participants sing two songs they have learnt off to perform to the group

Other members are invited to sing two songs of their choice ( please bring your own lyrics)

* Singers perform songs which they have practiced in advance of the meeting and receive constructive feedback from the group after each performance. This is done in a supportive manner which always helps the singer and encourages them – it is never done in a critical manner. Singers can bring as many songs as they like and the songs will be performed on a rotational basis.

We're looking forward to hearing your beautiful voices!