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What we’re about

DISRUPTIVE platform Lead to Leverage and AIM to change traditional brick and mortar way of Business since 2009.

Be part of the most active and resourceful professional business networking platform in Singapore.


We are in these 6 countries now.

Leverage with SBN high Quality network and Networth.

Together to create and expand your Business network. Progress and prosper with SBN.

BE PART OF Deruptive FREE PLATFORM . CROWDSOURCING and Build your business Network with US now.

The Singapore Businesses Network is a diverse group of individuals who take heart in sharing ideas and expertise with one another. On the road through entrepreneurship, we understand the importance of partnerships and collaborations, and we aspire to provide the platform for such synergies right here.

We welcome all Business Owners, Self Employeds, Aspiring Entrepreneurs and anyone who has an expertise, to contribute to the diversity and synergy of this group.

Check out one of our periodic meetup sessions to make new contacts, share expertise, forward referrals, partner up, and enjoy.............

Are you ready to level up your own BUSINESSES ?

New impulses for your event .

Are you looking for new, exciting ideas for your BUSINESSES ?

Find people in your local community who share your interests, leverage , enhance and expand your business.

Enable yourself to successfully network with each other. Professional networks are created exactly at SBN .

Participants can establish valuable contacts.

SBN always offers the right interface to network for your contacts.

Easy networking
Identify matching business contacts, easily contact interesting attendees, make appointment easy.

For the SBN solution we implemented a user experience, making one thing possible: easy networking.

We wanted to make one thing possible – easy networking!