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iOS Dev Scout - WWDC Watch Party 🥳

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Subhransu B. and 4 others
iOS Dev Scout - WWDC Watch Party 🥳


Hey there, Swift geeks!

Ready to witness the ultimate battle between Apple and our expectations? You're invited to our WWDC 2023 keynote viewing party online (On Discord) – the perfect place to watch Apple unveil their latest and greatest creations, and of course, at the comfort of your home.

We'll be cheering, gasping, and maybe even shedding a tear or two as we witness the future of technology unfold before our very eyes. And who knows, maybe we'll even get some insider knowledge to help us become tech influencers and impress our friends (or cats).

So come on, let's get hyped, let's get inspired, and let's have some fun!
RSVP now and join us for the ultimate tech showdown – the WWDC 2023 keynote viewing party!

Venue: Discord
Details: Join the iOS Dev Scout discord server. We will share more details about the event on Discord.

6th June 1 AM SGT/TWT / 12AM Indonesia Western Standard Time (WIB) (5th June 10 AM PST)
WWDC Pre-party starts at 12AM SGT

👆Same time as WWDC Keynote. Kindly join 15 minutes earlier to chat with others and get excited before the curtain goes up.

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Singapore iOS Dev Scout Meetup
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